About FOWE

A platform to bring Indian Women Entrepreneurs together to Inspire, Inform & Support each other to create successful businesses and enjoy balanced lives.

We are a Non-profit organization of professional women in business and management, to promote the special interest of women entrepreneurs with the objective of incorporating them into the main stream of business activity in the country.
The journey of an entrepreneur is one with multiple challenges. It is thus no surprise that in spite of multiple schemes introduced by the government to encourage this journey, many women back out from entrepreneurship even before trying. The fear of failure is a mental roadblock which causes the journey to end even before it starts.
Women in Entrepreneurship have alarmingly low numbers too! Apart from the fact that they have numerous personal challenges to overcome before they become businesswomen, women also face all kinds of roadblocks and gender biases along the way.
FOWE was founded by Smt. R to ensure that every woman who dreams of being an entrepreneur has a team that can make her dream come true! We are women who stand by women to provide them with solutions that can help them achieve their goals. A woman can walk into our office with an idea and we will put all our efforts in transforming a beautiful thought into a promising business that yields income.


All our activities center on sustaining the efforts of women in business. We conduct ongoing projects and events to foster women entrepreneurial development. Our regular programs and events engaging the members include

  1. International women’s Day
  2. Entrepreneurship development Program
  3. Capacity Building program
  4. Finnovation – Finance and Innovation
  5. Women Entrepreneurship Day
  6. Buyer Seller meetings
  7. Women in Business – Trade Fair Exhibitions
  8. Industry and business-oriented awareness programs